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5 Reasons to Have Your Graduation Party at The Bonus Room


It’s that time of year… the time when we start to realize that winter really might be over and we’re unprepared for all that warmer weather brings. Though the kids have been counting down for weeks, all of a sudden it hits us—school will be out soon! And that means tons of families will be hosting graduation parties for their seniors.

If you’re one of those lucky parents who has a graduating senior, we hope you’ll consider The Bonus Room as an event venue. We’ve even got a list of the top 5 reasons why…


Number 5 - Minimal Prep

When you have your event at The Bonus Room, you walk into a space that’s ready to go. No need to spend hours scrubbing the oven, dusting the baseboards or decluttering closets that someone might look at. Though you’re welcome to bring in decorations of your own, the space doesn’t even need them. Just bring your food and beverages and you’re all set.


Number 4 - Plenty of Parking

Your guests won’t have to hike across the neighbors’ lawns or park five blocks away. At The Bonus Room we have plenty of on-street parking and a large public lot just across the street. There’s ample parking for everyone and your neighbors won’t spork your lawn for blocking off the street all day.


Number 3 - It’s Cost Effective

Have you priced alternate options? You can almost rent an entire day at The Bonus Room for the price of having a tent delivered and set up at your home. And that doesn’t include tables or chairs. And if you’re worried about time, you can even rent the whole day so you make sure you have enough time to set up and tear down.


Number 2 - You’ll Be More Likely to Enjoy Yourself

Having an event at home can be super stressful. Even if you try to keep the party outdoors, you’ll still have people going in and out of the house. That means you’ll be trying to stay on top of things… Did Joey put his drink on the coffee table without a coaster? Who spilled soda on the couch? Did someone let the cat out when they came in to use the restroom? When you have your event in our space you’re able to relax more.


Number 1 - You Won’t Have to Bribe Mother Nature

Bribing Mother Nature rarely works. Who wants to go to all of the trouble of setting up a party and then having to adjust on the fly when Mother Nature fails to cooperate? Don’t let your graduation cake get washed away or your memory books get waterlogged. Our space is always dry and climate controlled.

If you have a graduating senior… Congratulations! We hope you’ll consider our space for hosting your special day. To check availability and rates, just visit our Book Now page.

Welcome to The Bonus Room

Several people have asked how we decided to start The Bonus Room, so we thought we’d share our story. The idea for The Bonus Room came from our desire to provide an affordable event rental space to the Lakeville community. Many of our friends and neighbors commented on the lack of options for party rooms. They always seemed to be searching for a space to host a party, get people together for a team meeting or hold a get-together. Through talking with them, we became aware of how few meeting and event rental spaces are available in the Lakeville area. So when an opportunity to create such a space became available in downtown Lakeville, we pounced on it.


We live in Lakeville. Our kids go to Lakeville schools. We both work in real estate in this community and Joe is a volunteer firefighter with the Lakeville Fire Department. He’s also a Lakeville native and graduated from Lakeville High School back in 1997.

We’re invested in this city, especially the historic downtown. We believe it’s the heart and soul of the community . Our mission and passion is to give something back, to support our friends and family and provide a place for people to gather. We wanted to keep it affordable so The Bonus Room might be an option for smaller groups as well as larger celebrations.

Since we opened our doors last March we’ve hosted just about any kind of event you can think of: baby showers, groom’s dinners, family reunions, birthday parties, book clubs, networking meetings, game watch parties, pop-up boutiques, classes, bridal showers, and so many more. We feel blessed to be a part of so many celebrations!

We hope The Bonus Room is just the extra space you need, and we can’t wait to share our labor of love with you!


The Pannkuk Family