5 Ways to Chase Winter Away

Winter won’t seem to loosen its grip on us here in Minnesota so we’ve come up with a few ways you can chase it away at The Bonus Room…


Host a Hawaiian Luau

We might not have the space for a pig roast but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be in the tropics. Have all of your friends bring their favorite island potluck dish. You can mix up some frosty, fruity beverages and have a Hawaiian shirt contest. If you slide some of the tables to the side, you’ll even have room to do the limbo.


Throw a Tailgate Party

Thanks to indoor tabletop grills, there’s no reason why you can’t get some friends together to enjoy a pre-game party. Whether you’re into hockey or basketball or even want to put on one of your favorite “vintage” games, we have the perfect space to gather. With two TVs, you can even have two games playing at once.


Have a Cornhole Tournament

Nothing says summer like an old-fashioned game of tossing the bean bags. Grab the boards, bring the bags and show up in shorts. You can make as many brackets as you want. Pretend you’re lakeside and pipe in some music through our audio bar. You can even have guests bring all of their favorite summer dishes to share: baked beans, brats, fruit salad. You’ll be transported to days gone bay, at least for the afternoon.


Create a Summer Craft

Get a head start on your warm weather decor by hosting a summer craft workshop for your friends. If you’d like a pro to come in, we’ve got a few suggestions of companies we’ve hosted in the past, just send us an email. Otherwise, pick a project (a new front door wreath, a pallet sign, etc) and invite your friends to come to The Bonus Room and craft with you. We have plenty of table space and a whole kitchen to prep and serve your snacks.


Have a Clothes or Accessories Swap

Out with the old to make room for the new. If you’ve got spring/summer clothes and accessories you no longer wear, why not get your friends together to have a clothing/accessories swap? Rent out The Bonus Room and have your friends bring items that no longer spark joy for them. For every item they bring, they can take home something from someone else. Being surrounded by spring/summer items will surely summon warmer weather! Anything left over at the end of the night can be donated to a charity.

So which one of these gatherings are you ready to host? Click here to check availability at The Bonus Room and book your event today!